What can an electric vehicle save you? Precious, precious time…oh and lots of money :)

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So, I have wanted an electric vehicle since 2005.

I finally got my electric vehicle in the mode of a 2013 Nissan Leaf with a range of about 103 miles without charging.

Here are just a few of the things it has saved me in my humble opinion and some of these things are priceless, like TIME to do other things:

Since beginning this journey of commuting with an electric vehicle for the last year and 3 months, I have saved a little over $5000 in gas, oil changes, etc. I have saved 39 hours of waiting for my tank to fill with gas, 12 hours of waiting for my oil to be changed, 1 hour of inspection time and a whole lot of headache.

As I describe my experience, I will try to compare it to what I was doing before to shed some light on why I will never go back to gasoline only vehicles.

I leased the Leaf in February 2014 for $350/month, so about what I was spending for my car payment before.

Oil Changes since then have been zero, because it does not have an oil chamber.  Savings here run about 600/year against my Honda vehicle that cost about $150 every 3 months.

Gasoline since then have been zero stops, because it has no place to put gas in it. Savings here run about $85/week if I put it against my 12 mpg 1998 Dodge Truck or $45/week if I put it against my 35 mpg Honda Civic.  Just using the civic as a commuting car prior, I would say I am saving at least $2340/year in gasoline given a price per gallon of $2.50 and a commute of 40 miles round trip plus other weekend driving for fun.

Time and other money spent at the gas station has been zero since I do not stop at a gas station at all anymore. Savings in time would be at least 30 minutes a week plus maybe $5 to $10 on junk food from the gas station, I do not need to be filling up on anyway.

Yearly inspection time is almost non existent now that Emission tests time has been cut to zero because this vehicle has zero emissions so the inspection time is about 5 minutes to check blinkers, etc.

You also do not have to pay for the 35 dollars battery checking fee from Nissan as Nissan pays for it when you have a Leaf (during the lease).

In addition to all the time and money this saves me, I cannot even begin to put a price tag on all the effort it has saved me as I don’t have to wait while my oil is changed, or my gas is pumped or deal with service people trying to sell me on that same filter they changed last quarter.

It does my soul good to know that every day I drive, I am not directly putting one breath of pollution out there with my vehicle and saving trees like no other with what is estimated to be a combined converted eMPG of 125 empg (or 125 miles for every gallon of fuel it takes to charge my vehicle through the power lines.)

Honestly, this is the easiest car I have ever used for commuting. I just plug in each night and let the Kilowatt’s charge for about 5 KW per one way 20 mile commute or about $5/month.  My company pays for a charging station, so they let me charge each day while I am working for another 5 KW/working day.

I will say that if you plan on getting one, here are two important suggestions: have another car for commutes longer than 50 miles one way and do a lease as you do not want to buy the battery or the car that as early as in 2017 will probably be replaced by robo-driven automated vehicles that will let you read while your vehicle auto hooks on to the next vehicle going the same way for a railroad car like experience.  Just saying…it could happen.

You just knew the technology had advanced since the first battery operated vehicles in the 1920’s and just wondered when the car makers would get smart to the fact that the generations in this century want a mode of transportation that does more than get them from a to b.

I am proud to say, I drive what meets my needs and beyond every day with a smile and with zero stops at the gas station for petrol.

Since beginning this journey of commuting with an electric vehicle for the last year and 3 months, I have saved a little over $5000 in gas, oil changes, etc. I have saved 39 hours of waiting for my tank to fill with gas, 12 hours of waiting for my oil to be changed, 1 hour of inspection time and a whole lot of headache.


Did you know that there is a meeting each year to discuss technology in conjunction with questions on philosophy? Me neither, so here is link…

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Philosophy and Technology forum calls for papers.

This is a great video about a regular Joe building a nice electric vehicle.

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This is a great video about a regular Joe building a nice electric vehicle.

I just watched this video and found this guy spot on for why we should go back to the electric vehicle.
If you have 2 minutes or so, you should watch this video of a guy without any real mechanical auto experience building an electric car out of an old shell of a gas vehicle…I would love to start something like this up.
You can also check out his website at http://www.amprevolt.com/ 🙂

Check out this breakthrough in Solar Power between a Colorado company and GE.

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We will meet the power demand of the future or, there is the hope.

The hope beyond all the power grabbers and non sharers of America.
They will fail as they do not realize the power of sharing and especially the power of sharing what is essentially everyone’s right within this Solar System.


We have Free Energy.

Now a great company or two or three…or many more are recognizing this…to help harness that power for humanity and all living on this planet.

I think we are making some good steps towards being stewards of our solar system….What do you think?

Love to hear your thoughts.

See this link and watch the video and then share your thoughts as you see fit…


Saving the world…one thought at a time:) Paige



Here is a Multifaceted Problem: Energy needs. Here is a Multifaceted Solution: Solar Roadways.

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Review the interdisciplinary research on this Solution and the Video showing support of this idea that was Created by Paige Vinson and Justin Taylor.


Tip:  To get the video links within the presentation to work, you have to view it as a slide show.

Solar_Roadways_Presentation by Vinson & Taylor

Is this what we have been waiting for in fuel economy? If so, it is coming from British Scientists to a car near you in 2015!

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I have been looking for the best fuel economy over the years.  I continue to get “let down” by how often it seems like great ideas or the company that produced the idea are bought up by companies in the U.S. and shut down.  Remember www.flytheroad.com and the Persu enclosed motorcycle getting 400 mpg that was bought and shut down?  I waited for that cool as heck jet cockpit style enclosed 3 wheeler with a carver engineered stability connection for 5 years and then…it got too close to being what we needed without all the crude oil and then, WHAM, it was gone.

Now, I am excited to find that here is an idea that I doubt the Brit’s will sell for cheap or sell at all to any company that would shut it down. 

The Europeans do seem to be a little more green-centric and forward thinking than we Americans have appeared as of late.  Sad really, as we Americans used to be known for our intelligent and futuristic innovation. 

I think we sell out to power hungry…(oops), I meant money hungry short sighted American corporations that take the best long term energy ideas and squash them.  “Why would they do this?” you ask. It is simple.  In most (but not all) capitalist countries, if it will not make a quick profit or outperform what their industry produces (the gas guzzling auto industry in America as an for example), then it is bought and broken.
Anyway, enough of my rant. Here is the idea that I hope the scientists watch out for those short-sighted “shisters” that want to power down their idea to keep making money at the expense of our planet and their future of making money as people do not stay “dumb” for too long.  Enjoy the idea while you can!


Fort Worth Texas Rocks!

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Fort Worth, Texas Rocks!   http://fortworthbikesharing.org/

I am always looking for new modes of transportation across the globe that offer an eco friendly alternative to petro fuel usage.  Low and behold, my own hometown has started a bike sharing program.  I see folks all the time using the bikes down 7th street and lancaster near down town and all the riders look so happy.  I finally saw one of the stations for the bikes and it was using solar power to run the self serve station to pickup a bike.  I love my town for making that possible.  Thank you to Fort Worth and all the corporate sponsors that helped this program start up.  Anyway, check it out as a different way to travel! http://fortworthbikesharing.org/

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